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Black & White Face Caricature

Abnoos Caricature

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Black & White Face Caricature - Abnoos Caricature, face caricature, gift caricature, high-quality hand drawn caricature
Why Black & White? Because it always remains stylish. It awakes nostalgic feelings of when people used to read colorless printed newspapers.  
Choose this style if you are looking for any of the following:
  • A custom high quality, hand-drawn digital caricature
  • More abstract looking by the black and white feature
  • Smart choice if it is going to be embroidered, ironed on, silk screened or engraved on wood
  • An ideal gift, fully customizable and truly unique 
  • Embed it in your publications, magazines or online sites to convey a strong message with no word
  • An irresistible logo that reinforces your brand
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1- Choose the right product based on the type of caricature you want (coloured, Black & White or Sketch) and the number of faces in the frame

2- Attach picture(s) of person(s) in provided fields (shown below). The second photo is optional. In case all the persons photos are not in a same picture, you can put all of them in a zip file and attach all together or you can email them to 

Regarding what is a good picture for caricature drawing please see here

3- Finally comment in the box (optional) about how you want the final caricature in the box provided (shown below). Is there any theme or colouring in your mind? let us know here.

4- Tadaa, all done, simply click "Add to Cart" and finish your purchase. Don't forget that you always can reach us easily here 

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