How businesses are taking advantage of high quality caricature

mohammad mazaheri

Most people consider caricatures more whimsical than practical. As beloved as the art form is by those who appreciate an exaggerated portrait, it isn’t exactly an integral part of most business plans. Few think a caricature might help land the next big deal, and most business-minded folks consider it a simple amusement that belongs on family trips to the theme park, nowhere near the corporate conference room.

This thinking is rapidly changing, however, as a growing number of businesses are taking advantage of this unique service in a truly practical business application in the corporate world. 

In years of drawing caricatures for businesses I have seen so many application which I tried to summarize here but definitely, the list is not limited to this: 

  • Logo: I have drawn caricatures for businesses' logo more than anything else. especially for those businesses that are supposed to be fun such as bars, restaurant, amusement parks and so on
  • New year gifts: it is a common practice that companies give away gift to their customers at the beginning of the year as a token of appreciation. These gifts could be calendars, notebooks, sticky notes and so on, the common thing between all these gifts are company's information, and many companies add their office, staff, or products caricature to make it eye-catching and easy to remember  
  • Store banner and decoration of stores, restaurants and many other businesses can be enhanced by adding caricature into it
Let me know in the comments if you tried any of these and what kind of results and feedback you were getting afterwards

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